Facial Trauma in Dawsonville, GA

How Can An Oral Surgeon Treat Facial Trauma?

Oral surgeons specialize in complex surgeries to treat injuries to the face, mouth, jaws, and teeth. Maxillofacial injuries can range from knocked-out teeth and lacerations to severe damage to the jaw and bone fractures. 

Each particular case warrants a careful examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Sutures can close lacerations and are strategically placed to minimize cosmetic concerns like scarring. Our job is to repair damage, restore functionality of the bones and tissues, and preserve cosmetic aesthetics of the face.

Knocked-out teeth are a time-sensitive issue so reattaching the tooth depends on how quickly you can get to our Dawsonville office. This sometimes requires the help of a splint to stabilize the tooth or if it can’t be reattached, the placement of dental implants

If you have a fractured jaw, we need to stabilize your jaws. Multiple methods are available depending on the severity of the fracture, including the surgical placement of plates and screws or wiring the jaws shut (which is rare). To learn more call (706) 703-4323.

facial trauma in Dawsonville

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If the person loses consciousness, feels dizzy, or nauseous, you should call 911 immediately.


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Our Facial Trauma Treatment Process: What To Expect



At your consultation, we will need to assess the severity of the trauma by performing an oral exam and taking x-rays. Our Dawsonville oral surgeon can then make a diagnosis and determine exactly what damage has been caused.


treatment plan

With your consultation, we will formulate a custom treatment plan to repair any damage that has been done to the face, replace missing teeth, stabilize fractured bones, and ensure that we are taking the least invasive approach that will preserve the aesthetics of your face. 

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oral surgery

Depending on the extent of the facial trauma, we may be able to perform a single oral surgery or multiple may be required. Local anesthesia and additional sedation will be available and we will give you information about the surgery beforehand. We will make sure that incisions and sutures are all placed strategically.

Post-Op Imaging

After your surgical intervention, we will take x-rays and CT scans yet again to check on your healing and the placement of bones and plates. 

Follow-Up Appointments

You may require follow-up appointments to remove sutures, move on to the next stage of treatment, or continue checking up on the healing process in serious and invasive surgeries.

Did you know…

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Teeth that have been knocked out and can’t be reattached should be stored in milk or saliva and brought to the oral surgeon's office.


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Benefits of Jaw Surgery At Our Dawsonville Practice

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Expert Surgical Team

Our team of oral surgeons is led by Dr. Abtin Shahriari (Dr. A), who has more than two decades of experience. He has performed thousands of procedures, ranging from simple outpatient treatment to complex facial reconstruction cases. With our team of experts, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology such as digital x-rays and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to plan each and every surgical procedure. Along with our state-of-the-art operating rooms and our experienced surgical team, this guarantees the best outcome for your surgical procedure.

Comfort Comes First

Our office is a judgment-free zone. We’ll always make you feel welcome, and with sedation options including general anesthesia, you will not have to worry about feeling pain, anxiety, or discomfort during your jaw surgery at North Georgia Oral Surgeon.

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Facial Trauma: When To See An Oral Surgeon

Facial trauma can happen from various emergency circumstances, including sports injury, a violent attack, a slip or fall, and accidental fractures from teeth grinding or something hitting you in the face. 

If you have deep lacerations to your mouth’s soft tissues, an oral surgeon can treat these while paying careful attention to important nerves and glands. Oral surgeons are the go-to specialists to treat any sort of facial bone fracture, whether it be the jaws, eye, cheek, nose, or forehead, and injuries to the teeth. 

Other issues that may warrant treatment from an oral surgeon include swelling, knocked-out teeth, TMJ symptoms, recurring mouth sores, tender and bleeding gums, and severe pain. If you are suffering from a life-threatening emergency, you should go right to the hospital.

Did you know…

We may refer you to other specialists if you require additional treatment outside of our field of expertise.


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